Daily liquidity across
six investment options

Freedom to access funds when it matters.

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Daily liquidity across six investment options

Freedom to access funds when it matters.

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Hostplus Balanced Option

Highly diversified

Actively Managed

76% growth / 24% defensive

Medium to high risk

Hostplus’ Balanced Option is our ‘flagship’ default investment option for superannuation members. It’s diversified across a range of growth and defensive assets, with nearly half of its investments in unlisted assets, such as property, infrastructure and private equity, that are not traded on public exchanges like the ASX. Actively managed, its returns are industry-leading and historically above benchmark1.

Target return over 20-year period


CPI + 4.00%


CPI + 5.00%

1 year return for the year
ending 30 April 2021





SMI Investment returns

Hostplus has a proven history of market-leading investment returns, but impressive results are only part of the package1. Our unit price structure, provides an improved liquidity position of typically illiquid assets and gives you flexibility to switch between investment options as often as you like.

Who is this suited to?

SMSF investors who want an extensively diversified, actively managed investment portfolio over the medium to long term.

Recommended investment time for accumulation investors:

5+ years

Recommended investment time for pension investors:

5+ years

Investment risk

Medium to high
Likelihood of negative returns expected in between
3 to less than 4 out of every 20 years.

Where is your client's super invested?

Breaking down the fees

SMI product fees

Administration fee

$165 p.a.

Joining fee


Costs for this investment option

Total investment cost

1.10% p.a.

Total investment fee

1.07% p.a.

A one-off joining fee will be charged at the time of opening an SMI account and a single $165 p.a administration fee applies irrespective of the number or amount of investments in SMI. For full details of the fees and costs, including definitions of each fee and cost, please refer to our Additional Information Brochure (544kb).

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