Our investment philosophy - 6 ways we’re different

While scale, experience and access to scarce markets and assets are all distinctive competitive advantages for successful institutional investors such as Hostplus, these characteristics alone are generally not sufficient to maximise net performance outcomes. Investment beliefs, a well-considered and proven strategy to put these into practical and purposeful effect and an entity’s values and other relevant traits are also needed.

Hostplus’ approach to investing is driven by our strong, diverse and proven investment beliefs. We’re not afraid to be different to other investment managers and super funds. That’s why our investment portfolio looks different – and historically performs well.

Principal amongst these are that:

1. We're long term:

Our predominantly young membership allows us to invest for the long term.

2. We have firepower:

Our large net cashflow give us the firepower to quickly take advantage of investment opportunities.

3. We're well positioned:

Because of our long-term focus, we have high tolerance for illiquid assets that perform, such as unlisted property, infrastructure and private equity.

4. We're diversified:

Our comprehensive diversification allows us to better control and mitigate risks.

5. We're resilient:

Our resilient investment strategy means we can quickly recover from adverse markets events.

6. We're connected:

We outsource our investment management because it's in our investors' best interest to take advantage of the expertise and quality services available through our external investment managers and investment consultant, JANA.